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What video game caused you the most amount of rage?

Earthworm Jim 3D, GOOD LORD THOSE BOSS FIGHTS ARE AWFUL. If you have never played the game or never heard of it the boss fights go something like this, You’re riding on a pig that controls like butter on a saucepan fighting against something that constantly shoots you, You can only shoot back by picking up a missile And the boss doesn’t have a health bar, instead you have to pick up a hundred of these blue marbles that the bosses can pick up And why you have to shoot them. It could become a stalemate for 5 hours only for you to die because you have a health bar The bosses don’t and the camera really doesn’t help. Oh and I hope you like screaming because the player is voiced by Dan Castellanetta. Oh and you have to do this five times

PUBG. Busted ass crap full of cheating shitbags throw your controller across the room…most addictive game ever.

Back in the day, my NES controller had bite marks in it because I didn’t know you could save your general progress in Kid Icarus by writing down this code that appeared after you died, yet i was determined to beat the game! I would spend hours making it to the end, only to die and be reset to the beginning of the game! This caused my 12 year old brain to become flooded with the rage of a zombie hoard and so I would sink my teeth deep into the flesh of the controller until the darkens would subside.

Getting over it

League of Legends because either you get stomped by a much better opponent that is likely to be a smurf or your teammates think they deserve to be on a higher elo but play like it’s their first time. Even if you stay calm at some point the hate other people put into the chat makes you rage aswell.