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What was the best thing someone ever told you ?

A girl wrote a poem about my eyes and it will never happen again

Someone once told me that I’m worth living for. I haven’t cried since.

-I don’t understand, she was working so hard! (my little brothr when I was in high schol, I failed and exam and my parents did bad commnts about me)

“hell yeah, i think you’re really cute.” -my crush, when i asked her out, 1 1/2 months before she fucked someone else. it was cool while it lasted

Sometimes the best things you’re told are the polar opposite of how you view yourself. For example, my partner tonight told me that she adores my work ethic and gave me valid reasons to back her opinion up. And for the past few weeks, I’ve been disappointed in myself thinking I’m lazy AF. Being told that I do work hard by someone who knows me better than anyone really was a boost to my flagging spirits.