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What was the best thing someone ever told you ?

“You made my day, today”

I had emailed a teacher that people don’t really like, thanking her about something she put together, and it made her really happy. She told me about how it made her day and her weekend, and it made me happy to be able to bring a little bit of joy into someone’s life

My son told me I’m the best dad in the whole world and gave me a big hug. He’s super affectionate anyway but this was something extra special for me. He’s 3 and I already know hes going to be a true gentleman and a sweetheart when he grows up.

I work in a lab with a girl named Chau (pronounced chow). She told me when she was little she went to Italy and was very uncomfortable because everyone knew her name. Strangers on the streets, people in stores, everyone. They were saying Ciao.

My dad once told me “hey slugger, nice dick”

“The trauma that you have gone through has hurt. It hurt for a long time, and it will for years to come. But, you have grown. You’ve grown so much since the start, and you will continue to. You have grown so much as a person that you are able to handle things with ease while others like me would crumble. You handled your mom being diagnosed with cancer. You have handled your brother committing suicide. I can name so much more, but you get the picture. The trauma was horrifying, but it’s made you so much stronger. Embrace the lows of your life, for they’ve made you who you are today.” – my boyfriend after the 1 year “anniversary” of being raped.