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What was your worst birthday you had?

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Questa volta abbiamo cercato: What was your worst birthday you had?
What was your worst birthday you had?

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I have a cousin who was born the day after me. last year my aunt wanted to host the party for his 21st the day before his actual birthday. so I was forced to spend my 21st birthday celebrating a cousin I’ve never said anything more than “hello” to. and none of my other relatives who were there acknowledged that that day was my actual birthday.

happy cake day!

Not sure if it’s my worst but it’s definitely top 3. I was turning 9. I had saved my dollars up, wanting to buy myself a nice birthday present. Birthday was on a Saturday, my mother told me to give her my money so she could keep it safe. She went and gambled it on the pokies on Friday, whilst I was at school. So I wake up on Saturday to no birthday presents and my money was gone too.

Yesterday was my birthday (no joke) and I just woke up sick and had a horrible day.

Obligatory “the first one.”

Off the top of my head, I remember just wanting to play my Xbox 360 with my family in turns, but my sisters were in a foul mood, so I just cried on the toilet.

Not tragic, just sad.

The one where my parents were in the midst of a separation and everyone just kinda forgot about me.