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What’s something about you that nobody knows since it never comes up and nobody asks?

I’m bisexual.

I can wiggle my ears back and forth a little.

I can wiggle my ears. Well, I can’t technically only wiggle my right one well. Sometimes when I hear loud or sudden noises I get a little involuntary ear wiggle.

Edit for bonus answer: I got stung by a (baby) stingray on the bottom of my foot a few years ago because I wasn’t following proper wading through shallow waters etiquette. So now I know how to treat stingray stings. And how important it is to SHUFFLE YOUR FEET AND NOT STEP through shallow ocean waters.

I am ambidextrous. I was born a righty but I had my right arm really badly broken as a kid and took a while to heal. Time during which I had to adjust to using my left hand for most of the things. After my right arm finally healed, I still used my left hand for a while because I was so used to it but once I started re-using my right one, it was still so natural. So I kind of trained my left one to work just as well as the dominant one. Nobody really gives a shit, although one of my direct reports noticed once that my handwriting is just as calligraphic with my left hand as it is with my right one.

I can sense danger in a way

It’s basicly I get really sick to the stomach, to the point of curling up right before something bad happens like a tornado causing storm or someone falling off a platform.