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What’s the easiest way to spot a sociopath or psychopath?

They find humor and joy in others misfortune or pain.

Sometimes its simply not that easy to spot. Some are very good at hiding it and you only know once you have gotten to know them.

There’s a huge difference between the two.

Sociopaths tend to be manipulative and angry. Anti-social usually and perhaps uneducated. They can lash out very suddenly and are generally really dangerous people. They do feel emotions but a more limited range than normal people.

Psychopaths however, don’t feel emotions. They have no empathy or sympathy. Although these things can and often are faked by the person. They are also highly manipulative but also often charming and educated, Social and able to hold down a good job. Think, Patrick Bateman. Not a perfect portrayal but similar to that. Contrary to popular belief, psychopaths are not always murderous. A lot of them don’t ever actually kill anybody.

I usually look at the mirror

Always try to the blame on you if you tell them that they hurt you, usually by saying stuff like “sorry you were offended”. This is showing a lack of remorse

if they put: sock shoe sock shoe. They are indeed crazy fucks