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What’s the most fitting case of “vigilante justice” you’ve ever heard of?

this guy in my highschool raped an exchange student in a wheelchair, when one my classmates heard about it he broke both his kneecaps with a sledge hammer, he could never walk again.

My first job was at a tire shop, and I worked with this older guy named Doug. He was around 60 yo— the nicest guy I’ve ever met. One day at work, a guy and his girl got into a heated argument in our parking lot, and the guy slammed her up against his car. Doug and I saw it, and Doug just looks at me, with a tire iron in his hand, and goes “one sec.” He walks over to the guy, drops his tire iron, and slams the guy in the ground. He whispered something to him that I couldn’t hear from where I was, but the guy got up and opened the passenger door for her and they drove away. Doug walked back over and just started working on a car like nothing ever happened. I’ll never forget it.

A pretty infamous pedophile was released from prison in Ireland a few years back and for weeks after his release wherever he went there were storys of people beating the shit out of him till he eventually had to leave the country, no one else was ever charged for the beatings.

In 10th grade, friend i knew since 3rd grade started dating a girl i knew since 8th grade. She started becoming more isolated and he never brought her out cause she was “shy” or “didnt like hanging around guys”

Turns out he was beating her on the regular. Bad and in several different ways. We had no idea. Lots of really bad stuff. She finally confided in me and i didnt know what to do. So i found a time to run until her uncle. (Bf had forbidden contact from any of us to anyone she knew by this point) i l quietly let him know and told him he had to do something quick. Well he was a police officer.

Well ,he took him out into the middle of nowhere desert. With some friends. Other cops. And beat the ever living shit out of him. Middle of the night. Complete darkness out there. Left him in his underwear and let him walk home. It wasnt unusual for him to go missing for a day or two but at some point his mom called the police. The cop uncle shows up. Let her know she needed to take care of things with him or worse things happen to bad dumb fucks. They left. No report. Eventually he gets home. Go to doc. Drops out of school. ( he knows we all now know what a piece of shit he was) .

uncle cop told her never to worry again.

Cowboy boots are expensive, someone ran into a cowboy store and stole a couple pairs and ran towards the exit. My dad tripped the guy, then sat on him and held his legs against his back while laying on top of him in a cowboy hat and boots. Basically hogtied the guy till the cops came.