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What’s your favorite space fact?

In 4.5 billion years, when the milky way and andromeda galaxies come together due to the gravity betweem them, not a single star from either galaxy will collide. They will literally pass through each other. Space is that big

I always thought the concept of spaghettification was fascinating- gravity around a black hole being so intense that while it bends the space around it, it also bends time so that the closer you get the slower time moves (relative to anything outside the influence of the black hole’s gravity).

Basically, as things get sucked into a black hole since time moves slower and slower the closer you get, the part closest to the black hole stretches and gets compressed into fine neutrony jelly beyond the scope of physics, and the part farthest away just gets to sit there and watch

We’re all fucked if either a solar flare and supernova go off. As they can end us if they explode and we won’t see it coming.

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No one can hear you scream

I think it’s cool that we know more about space than what’s in our oceans