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When you were a kid, what was a sign that a kid you knew came from a family that “had money”?

My aunt married a man with money, while my mum didn’t. They weren’t rich but very wealthy. So I got to see the kids with money as they were family, while I myself wasn’t one of them.

I starts with clothes. Going to the best stores, getting an item here and there while the price didn’t matter, having a huge closet with all kinds of clothes in it or just going shopping for new stuff when there wasn’t anything else to do.

They had like three Playstations, Nintendo stuff, new iPods every two years, new laptops or other cool stuff. The Family had new cars every few years as well.

While normal and poorer people don’t go on vacation very often, they did plenty of times. All over Europe, the USA or Australia. Not once a year but several times. When they were home they did spend their time playing golf. Did I mention shopping?

But on the bright side: when you do not grow up with this kind of wealth, you don’t necessarily need it when you are grown up. It’s nice to be able to afford it, but you are still able to live a normal life without chasing the money.
Those kids all do not have the income their father had. While they still are above average, they struggle to afford their old lifestyle by themselves. And it is making them uncomfortable, they kind of need to take a step back which is hard for them. I’m not sure if they will ever be able to be truly happy without that much money.

Would miss weeks of school because they were always on vacations

Having HBO and other movie channels. Or a SATELLITE DISH.

nothing too extreme in my case. but you could see that kids with money had everything a bit nicer than normal. Better clothes, better pens and pencils, better looking books, better..well..everything. Fortunately we all were good friends and by the time we’d be done playing, we all looked the same 😀

Shoes, clothes, hair cut, emotion stability, parents cars and what games he brought to school