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Why is it that secrets to magic tricks are the hardest thing to find on Google? I can find leaked CIA documents from 1964 but not some explanation for a card trick or whatever

Because people leak the CIA documents because it is in the people’s interest to have access to them while noone will benefit from the magicians’ tricks being revealed.

People could definitely get their hands on tricks and leak them, but they’d be breaking laws to do something that doesn’t help anyone and severely hurts the magician. For a magician without his secrets isn’t much of a magician anymore.

Penn and Teller do this thing where they show the audience exactly how a trick is done, then at the end, they explain that it doesn’t matter if they show us because the only reason they can do the trick is that they’ve practiced for decades (slight of hand tricks)

Banachek always says that he can bend any fork/spoon, anytime, anywhere and I could never google that one either. This is good question.