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You can choose to be 100% smarter, 100% stronger, 100% faster or 100% more attractive. Which one do you choose and why?

I like how smart I am so I’m good with that. Strength or speed can be improved with a lot of training and seeing that progress is cool to so no thanks, I choose the more attractive option, whatever they say, being attractive opens a lot of doors.

I’m not that strong.

I’m not that fast.

I’m not that attractive.

But I am smart.

So you notice is a game the most from this I will choose to double the thing I already have most of.

This is a bit shallow but I’d want to be more attractive.

I’ve spent my life being told that I’m ugly. I’ve had my crush laugh at the idea of dating me. I’ve had friends say they’re not worried about me stealing their boyfriends because no one would want me.

I’m married and my husband tells me I’m beautiful but I don’t see it and I know other people don’t either.

I’m already smart enough to make my way through the life I want, and I feel like being super intelligent would be isolating. I don’t mind much for being fast, so I suppose I’d choose 100% more attractive – being in a performing arts career it’d be a huge asset (unfortunately since it should be pure talent, but it’s not).

I understand what it means to be 100% faster – I could run the same distance in half the time; I understand what it means to be 100% stronger – I could lift twice the weight, or do twice as many pushups etc; I don’t really understand what it would mean in the other two cases. IQ isn’t a linear scale, so someone with an IQ of 150 is not “twice as smart” as someone with an IQ of 75. But at least that’s some kind of numeric measurement. I’ve no idea at all what 100% more attractive would mean.

So given that, and given that my SO seems happy with my intelligence, looks, and strength, I’ll pick 100% faster and see if I can break a few world records.