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Consiglio: Your possessions are worthless and your kids don’t want it

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Not sure about other countries, but this is such a common problem in the US that there are entire companies built around addressing it.

People accumulate crap throughout their life and hold onto it because “it's my legacy” and “I'll pass it down to my kids and grandkids when I die”.

In reality, they might keep 1% of it and the rest will go to a pawn shop, a landfill, or the nearest Goodwill.

“But they can sell it all off and make money!”

Even if your stuff is worth money, is it worth the TIME for your kids to hire an appraiser, then spend days, weeks, even months or years finding the right outlets to sell it all to? No, it isn't, and even your “valuable” stuff is going to end up at the pawn shop.

What's valuable to you means nothing to others. They don't have the experiences and memories attached to your possessions that you do. They don't care about your model trains, your vintage videogames, your magnet collection, or your porcelain dolls. That stuff is going to Goodwill.

One of the most stressful aspects of a parent dying is having to spend a ton of time and money clearing out the hoard they've accumulated over their life. Please don't burden your kids like that. They will want to fill their houses with their own contemporary things, not your outdated musty furniture and knick-knacks.

Bonus tip: Pretty much the only things your kids will want to hang on to are handcrafted items made by you or an ancestor (think quilts, wood carvings, etc) and photo albums. That's it. When you reach a certain age, seriously consider getting RID of stuff to make it easier on your kids instead of accumulating more.

Source: child of hoarders, will one day inherit a property packed with crap that I will have to spend thousands of dollars and many years to get removed. But this problem extends beyond hoarders and into everyday Americans as well. Your kids don't want to sift through a landfill while they're grieving for you. CLEAN OUT YOUR CRAP.

EDIT: I see salty hoarders are already creeping in and defending their habit, as expected…