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What’s a true fact that people refuse to believe?

You can’t make people to like you. Just be yourself in general.

Vaccines are effective, Karen

That there are over 2,500 ancient languages that are either already extinct, or in danger of being forgotten forever.

There’s no effective way to prevent a terrorist attack from occurring, especially if it’s planned and carried out by one individual.

Trading civil rights and privacy to hedge against dying in a terrorist attack is comparable to trading them to prevent shark bites or lighting strikes.

Also, if you’re planning to hurt someone please seek help. I know it can be hard to find, even from groups that claim to offer it, but life on the other side of your pain is worth fighting for. That future exists, however unimaginable, until YOU throw it away

You’re going to die. Sure, you say you believe it, but in an abstract kind of way, like you believe in the concept of infinity but your brain doesn’t register it a real, tangible fact that has any connection to your real life.