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What’s a true fact that people refuse to believe?

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Questa volta abbiamo cercato: What’s a true fact that people refuse to believe?
What’s a true fact that people refuse to believe?

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Giving a dam:

The average age of the 84,000 dams in the US is 52 years old. The nation’s dams are aging and the number of high-hazard dams is on the rise (example: the 2 dams this week that breached in Michigan).

Many of these dams were built as low-hazard dams protecting undeveloped agricultural land. However, with an increasing population and greater development below dams, the overall
number of high-hazard dams continues to increase, to nearly 14,000 in 2012.

The number of deficient dams is estimated at more than 4,000, which includes 2,000 deficient high-hazard dams.

The Association of State Dam Safety Officials estimates that it will require an investment of $21 billion to repair these aging, yet critical, high-hazard dams. Yet many people refuse to believe the threat of a dam breach is real.

That just because you saw something on Facebook it doesn’t mean it’s true.

People can change. But they won’t change for you. They can only change by an inner force. This inner force cannot be built overnight.


Facts cannot be disproven by feelings.

The earth is round