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28m free ballin in my kitchen when my wifes 31f parents bust through door and see it all

You have nothing to be embarrassed about, and you’ve absolutely taught your in-laws an extremely valuable lesson in KNOCKING before letting themselves in.

Both my and my husband’s parents have keys to our house for emergencies, but they still knock every time they come over, and have never actually used the keys (except when we were on holiday and they were coming to check the house). No way would they ever just let themselves in without first receiving explicit permission from us to do so.

And yes, your wife should have absolutely told you about giving them the keys. It’s important that you both know of every person that has access to your house keys. If I were you, I’d sit your wife down and tell her exactly what happened. While this incident wouldn’t have necessarily been avoided if you did know they had the keys, she still should have told you.

As for the in-laws, you and/or your wife need to lay down the law about how you want them to proceed when they come round in the future.

At the very least, this will surely become an incident you can all have a giggle about in years to come!

Why should be embarrassed? Dont be coming in someone elses house without knocking and not be prepared to at least see one or more genitallia!

Im sorry but the way you worded this had me screaming. My sides are on fire. LOL I’m so sorry this happened to you. They should not have a key to you guys house though. Especially without your knowledge. Because … well things like this happen