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28m free ballin in my kitchen when my wifes 31f parents bust through door and see it all

Katelynkitkat ci racconta la sua esperienza amorosa:

First off I’m highly embarrassed and second off I’m pissed. I got home from work yesterday and first thing I do is have a shower. I had a delightful shower and Then I go and get a snack. I forgot to bring in my gym shorts to the shower and I thought, fk it, no one is home, so I decided to let my two closest homies out to air dry.

I stroll to the kitchen, butt nekkid and commence making snacks for my evening of gaming while my wife is out at her cousins house. I get a pack of popcorn, get some beer place it down on the counter, pick up said bag of popcorn……our kitchen is directly in line with the front door as we have an open living area…..

Kwabang, door flies open and there I am, dick hanging , balls swingin’ and making eye contact with my wife’s parents. Her mother drops her bag and out of sheer panic I throw my popcorn up in air in front of me to add as a distraction and try to hide behind the counter top to the left, they scream, I slip, half my ass cheek lands in the dogs water bowl and half my nutsack on the kibble.

The wife did not tell me she gave them a key and to help themselves in and at this point we’re all in shock. I end up grabbing the tea towel and covering my bits…while bits of dog food are descending from my nether region.

Her dad comes over and offers me a hand but says use the left one, I think I saw you grab your nuts with the right……I say yeah cool, thank you. Her mother says, we’ve tried calling her and no answer, came over to see if everyone is okay……we try to act like nothing happened but everyone I mean everyone in her family Barr her brother has seen my Johnson and company. I’m a bit mortified.

As they were leaving her dad said, what happened today was a bit nuts…he chuckled, they left. I haven’t brought it up to the wife yet but am I in my right for being ticked about not being told about the spare key? FML.

TD;LR: wife’s parents saw me balls out and everything on show as they came over unannounced, I am pissed, am I in the right?

I’m Sorry, but this is brilliant

Yes, they were the ones at fault for just walking in without knocking, but it seems they learnt their lesson

You have no reason to feel embarrassed, you were doing nothing wrong by being naked in your own home

Thank you for the good laugh this Sunday morning

Yeah she absolutely should have had a discussion with you before giving them a key.

Firstly, your wife was wrong for not informing you that she had given them the key.

Secondly, I laughed my ass off reading your account about what happened as a result. It was brilliant ??

Kudos to you, you wrote this down hilariously. I understand you being a bit pissed about your wife giving her parents a key without you knowing. I think your inlaws learned their lesson tho.

You have every right to be upset. You don’t just give someone, even if it is your parents, the key to your house without discussing it with your partner and getting the green light. It is incredibly rude and disrespectful.