Relazioni e amore

Boyfriend’s cousin called my people ni**ers for the sake of a joke. His wife called me sensitive and they made themselves the victims when confronted. 1st interracial relationship, I’m in desperate need of advice.

Just because this is an interracial relationship doesn’t mean you have to put up with this abhorrent behavior.

I stopped reading after the second paragraph, because that’s when you should have left. If your boyfriend lets his cousin call you that shit, then he’s useless.

Get out sis cause you don’t need to entertain this type of environment because that’s always going to be family at the end of the day which means a certain level of contact sequentially meaning a certain level of stress you’ll have to maintain with how these people seem plus your man’s kind of bitch and doesn’t respect you as a African American on a certain level for letting all this go on cause everyone but you has been in the wrong from the jump and he hasn’t taken the responsibility of corralling this nonsense.