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Ex-Girlfriend (16F) left me for a mutual friend (16M). She’s been staring at me whenever she see’s me talking to another girl and it’s weirding me out. She sent me a text asking why another girl was at my house.

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I should specify that I came from a small town. About 3000 people live here. There's one high school. Everyone knows everyone. There's no such thing as the Corona Virus in my town. The mayor is still taking precautions by limiting the amount of people in stores. Just to make the people higher up the chain happy. We're not as heavily impacted as the bigger cities are. I'm just looking for some advice.

My ex left me a month ago for another guy she grew up with. It's whatever. I'm sad about, but I've been trying to move on. I've been doing things to keep myself happy. But she's just been acting so weird. There's this case in our main Street I often go every morning and afternoon to get an iced coffee. My ex often goes there as well.

She was staring a hole in me when I was talking to a girl who worked there that I'm friends with. To the point she even said, why is your ex just staring at you? And she doesn't look away when I look at her. She just keeps staring at me. Shell ignore me when I walk in a room, but as soon as I start talking to a girl, she's staring a hole in my head.

It's like this at school, at the face or wherever she happens to see me. Last night I invited a friend over to study with. She offered to study with me because I've lost my study buddy which was my ex. We just practiced for the test reading cards to each other and asking questions. I don't know how she found out, but I got text from my ex asking why she was there. Loose lips, probably.

I want some advice on what to do. It doesn't make sense that she can just leave me and start dating someone else immediately. But I can't even talk to another girl.

Controlling, jealous & doesn’t want you to do better. Just ignore her and focus on yourself.

She wants to date the other dude and in the case it goes wrong, come back to you. If she continues tell her that you’ve broken up and it’s none of her business as to what you get up to lol . You’re young so don’t get caught up on this girl.

Block her. Distance yourself as much as possible from her. She made the decision to leave you, now she has to deal with those consequences. You can’t really do much except distancing yourself from the situation.

Just ignore her. That will drive her even more insane haha.

She is doing this because she is jealous of you moving on. She wants it all. She does not love you and wants to be with you, she just wants you to love only her. Her dream is to have any boyfriend she wants while you pine for her at the sidelines. Her ego can not comprehend you moving on from her to the next girl.

My suggestion? Just keep on talking to other girls. When they notice her looking at you just explain it is your insane cheater ex.

I think you have two options:

Option A: Block her and move on with your life. Avoid her like the plague and if you happen to see her just go the opposite way. She might take the hint and leave you alone.

Option B: This may sound bad but maybe you should call her out next time you see her in public. Ask her what her problem is and why she is so focused on you. Tell her that she broke up with you so she has no reason or right to bother you about talking to other girls.

I’d say only use option B if her behavior escalates because some people need to be put on blast in order for them to stop their actions.