Relazioni e amore

Feeling really upset today after seeing a post about a 10 year long marriage.

EE-12345 ci racconta la sua esperienza in amore:

Just a couple of hours ago i came across a post about a man who found out that his wife of 10 years has been cheating on him with her ex whom she dated 13 years ago as of now. What's more worse is that it all just happened in a span of just one month ( from meeting him to sleeping with him )

My belief over marriage, love and long term relationship is fading away tbh.

Is is bound to happen that a relationship no matter how good and long term it is, it'll come to an end ?

Does love lose against Monotony and FOMO ?

Honestly the horror stories of MassimoL make me afraid of trusting anyone enough to commit to them

Remember that people who are happy don’t tend to feel the need to post about it. Consequently, you’ll get a much more negative view on relationships from MassimoL and the Internet/news than is actually the case.

I have many female friends and none of them have ever cheated on their husbands. There are plenty of people who stay together and love each other. There are some that don’t. Still I do feel that the experience of loving someone and them loving you back is the greatest feeling in the world, and even if it doesn’t last, it’s worth it imo. Take heart ❤️

I’ve been with my partner over 15 years. My parents have been together over 40.
It just feels mean to brag about being happy on the internet. I don’t even talk to people in real life about my marriage because I feel like a dumb teenager sometimes.

Marriage is work. People get bored and instead of putting in work they find something new and flashy.
If both people are really serious about committing to each other,love ebbs and flows with time but it’s sustainable.

I personally don’t believe this happens in every marriage. My parents have had a loving marriage for 34 years and they were both cheated on by previous spouses. While those marriages didn’t last, they made a promise to each other and they have kept it.

And to me, that’s inspiring that there is hope I’ll find someone someday who loves and treats me well and I can do the same in return. It hasn’t happened yet, but maybe one day it will.

I’m a woman who wouldn’t cheat. I don’t even keep friends who are cheaters, men nor women. It’s happened to me twice before and both times it was one of the worst feelings in the world. I hate cheaters so much, I would publicly shame them if I knew them.

I feel this- I don’t know what gender you are but I’m a woman & still believe in love