Relazioni e amore

Girlfriend (17F) posts explicit images of me (17M) on her instagram.

Imagine if the tables were turned and you, the mail, were posting those of your partner who is female. There would be an uproar. That is wrong what she is doing. She’s lit really exploiting you for followers it seems like.

Upsetting her is not the end of the world; she SHOULD know how much you are not okay with this. Don’t be mean about it or anything, but a blunt “I am not okay with the photos you have posted of me on social media. I need you to remove them and then, in future, ask me before posting any photos that include me” is completely fine. If she gets mad or defensive or tries to twist the whole thing into it being about you being mad at her, shut it down immediately with something like “This is not about your hurt feelings; it is about my right to privacy. I am not angry at you, but I am also not going to allow this to continue, so remove them and don’t post more.” If she still tries to twist it, break up with her because that’s manipulative on top of already violating your privacy.

Why can’t you talk to her about it? Tell her how it makes you feel? Tell her that it is really embarassing and that you would never do anything like that to her, so could she please stop?
If she likes you she would listen.