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Girlfriend (17F) posts explicit images of me (17M) on her instagram.

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It's not something I paid much attention to (I don't really use my instagram other than to message people), until a friend of mine recently joked how I should start a porn site. He showed it to me and well, although her posts are just us kissing, the highlights are fucked up. Loads of shots of my butt cheeks, there's even a few of her grabbing my boxers or putting her hands inside them (with a lot of cucumbers and droplets to point out if it wasn't obvious…). And guess what? there's no pictures of her without clothes.

Her account is public, so anyone has full access to those pictures, and that anyone is my teachers, family, friends, her parents.. it's nuts. I did tell her she can film me as much as she wants, but I really didn't expect her to share those with fucking everybody.

I really don't want to upset her, it's enough that I'm upset, I just want her to remove those pictures. How do i tell her that without putting too much blame on her, i really don't want to make her sad or damage our relationship.

You tell her she requires permission to post your pictures on any social media. if she gets upset, then so be it. Everyone gets upset sometimes.

Dude, her feelings on this are irrelevant. She betrayed trust and made a serious breach in privacy. Demand her take those pictures down and never post anything like it again.

Also, depending on your state, that could constitute distribution of child porn which would land your gf in jail for a few decades and be put on the sex registry list. I’d look up the laws and if nothing else let her know what’s up.

You need to be extremely blunt and upfront with this. If she is doing this without your consent, not only is that violating your privacy and trust, but she could face some serious legal ramifications depending what state you are in. In some states, posting explicit images without someone’s consent is considered a felony.

I really wouldn’t be as concerned with making her sad and upset. She needs to understand that this is a serious issue. You’re both young, and I get you’re concerned about preserving the relationship. This can have consequences that will last for years if this isn’t addressed swiftly now. I’m not saying you need to threaten her with legal action. She does need to be aware though that this goes beyond just posting some pictures on Instagram. If she truly respects you, then she would have zero issue removing them.

Just be aware though, once they’re up and people have had access to them, there is not a guarantee they won’t come back. You can at least stop the further circulation from her though.

Oh hell no dude you need to stop this immediately. Her feelings don’t even come into it. If she gets upset at you not wanting naked pics you haven’t even given her permission to post on her public ig, she’s an arsehole. She’s completely invaded your privacy. It’s nearly the same as revenge porn which I’m pretty sure is now illegal (thank god) in a lot of places. I don’t understand why she’d think it was acceptable to do this to someone she apparently cares about? Also why would she want to show of her partners naked bits to the world, surely that’s for you two and you two alone? I’m honestly baffled by this.

Be blunt. Tell her you need her to take any photos/vids down as it’s incredibly uncomfortable and you did not give permission. Tell her this is even possibly illegal. If she refuses you need to leave her. I’m sorry but there’s so much wrong here and if it was a guy doing it to a girl, I promise the world would be (rightly) outraged. It’s just as wrong doing it to a guy. Seriously, as her if she’s be happy you posting her boobs for the world including her parents, teachers, friends.. without you telling her. This is gross.