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Girls who aren’t afraid of their flaws and who come across as less feminine, are awesome

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I'm talking about the kind of girls who are usually direct, straightforward, take no bs and initially come across as cold or closed off. Some of these girl's are also comfortable in being their normal selves and aren't afraid of their flaws

A friend of mine was a lot like this and honestly, she was a badass. I remember when I was first introduced to her through some friends, she gave that stoic sorta stare and “hated hugs”. At first I was like, “what's with this girl!”, but after I got to know her and went out with her, I started to see how she opened up. She eventually told me that she is quite introverted and that she knows she comes across as angry all the time but she's not. It got to a point where she eventually gave no one else affection but me.

Her being an introvert made it seem as an achievement everytime she told me about herself and things. I really enjoyed every moment with her.

Sounds like she’s a keeper, smart and grounded.

I found someone like her recently, we share a connection like iv not had in a long time, i think of her as a good friend… cause she’s taken and i’m gutted, i don’t wanna fuk up anything for her as she is starting a family so i have just backed off.
The last girl i felt as strongly for was over a decade ago and my life was a wreck and going down hill at the time, i didnt want to drag her down with me, i kept ghosting her but somehow after all this time she still checks in with me… she now has two kids with her current partner.

Hold on to her if you can.

I come across as cold hearted and ruthless because I have no filter and never have. If it’s on my mind and I got upset enough to say it, damn right its bein said.

Thank you for taking the time to write this, I needed to hear it. I’m a 21 year old girl who sounds a lot like the girl you’re describing. This past week, I’ve been trying to work up guts to text my crush, but I’m worried that not being very feminine or girly will push him away. I have not exactly had an easy life and I’ve definitely come through with some scars, but I just keep hoping that someone will see through the hardness and care enough about me to give me a chance. You sound like a kind and intelligent person, I wish you the best.