Relazioni e amore

I am sad.

Most of us who have love today, have lost love before. Don’t lose hope

This is exactly what I would have wrote about 8 months ago..
If it’s over for sure, one thing that I can tell you right now – being sad after something like that is absolutely reasonable. Sometimes we are happy, sometimes we are sad.
One thing for sure, you will get better sooner or later. Life is waiting in front of you, full of suprises – you never know where will it take you

Sadness knows a way to create a mental block in our lives. Just realise, that life has more areas than only sadness to discover. One of these other areas is love. I know what you must think, this sadness is created by love, I hate that I cannot achieve the feeling of love, but you better listen to me with full focking attention right here right now because I love you and I know there are other people who love you. Embrace this love and cherish the love that you have instead of holding on to something that wasn’t meant to be. Lots of luck and lots of love to you

Ooh I’ve been there! Good luck friend – you won’t be sad forever ?

You ok?