Relazioni e amore

I[25f] really don’t like that my BF lasts so long

I’m just happy I’m not alone in this, it’s all amazing til like an hour in and I’m just being sawed in half and he’s not even close, even worse when he calls me selfish when I need to call it quits, takes me days to recover sometimes, kinda kills our relationship cause I’m afraid of the commitment of making sure he gets to finish too (which I fail too often) so I avoid things that could lead to sex and it’s so frustrating

Have you guys tried going longer between sex? I’ve had the same issue before, after too long it starts to get painful and frustrating. There are toys you can buy him to increase his sensitivity, if he can go longer without jerking off that will help too. If he’s gonna expect you to put in work on him, he should be providing you with plenty of foreplay as well. I personally have performance anxiety and the longer a guy tries to make me cum the less I’m able to, I get stressed and that turns me off and I’m not able to stay wet which gets painful. I usually just tell my partners “if I cum that’s awesome, but if not I’m still absolutely enjoying being with you” the ride is more important than the destination, to me personally.
Don’t worry about hurting his feelings; if you guys are gonna have a healthy sex life you have to be able to communicate or you’ll end up resenting sex all together.

My boyfriend had a similar issue when we were younger, sex would last a minimum of an hour. Everytime. Which is nice sometimes but once you hit hour 3 its not that great. He stopped masturbating and took a break from sex for a while which helped, using more lube during sex also helps me hahah but definitely something you need to bring up to him