Relazioni e amore

Love is the best medicine?

the_meme_lover007 ci racconta la sua esperienza in amore:

About 9 months ago, I (23F) started dating my boyfriend (26M). Both of us had a bad streak of past relationships, and finally decided we weren't looking for new ones and work on ourselves. As soon as we made that decision, we met each other and couldn't turn down the opportunity. We both moved to a new state, from the same state, despite not knowing each other beforehand. We had an instant, magnetic connection and have been inseparable.

That being said, he and I struggle with our own mixes of mental issues. I've got ADHD, depression, possible BPD (still being tested), and PTSD. His major issues are depression, milder ADHD, and insomnia. We're both very understanding of each other, and still very much works in progress, but we nurture each other and help each other improve.

Over the course of us being together, I've noticed he has depressive episodes less often. I know I'm probably not the only reason he's less depressed, but he's said I've contributed quite a lot to his mental state improving. Seeing him happy makes me happy. The most noteworthy example is his insomnia.

We were sleeping in the same bed almost immediately, but it felt so right that we didn't even question it. Normally, he gets about 3 hours of sleep a night if he gets any at all. He's been used to running on that since he was about 14. However, if I'm around, he falls asleep much easier and can sleep a full night. He's dozed off on my lap, chest, leaning on my shoulder, whatever you can think of.

I moved in with him at the beginning of the month. Before I got here, I would sleep over about 2-3 nights a week. Those were the only days he could rest much at all. In the 3 weeks since I've moved here, I've noticed that my boyfriend is consistently sleeping at least 8 hours a night. He will get tired on his own now, continue sleeping after I've woken up, and take naps with me during the day. For the past week or so he's gotten an average of 9 hours of sleep per night. Frankly, I'm amazed. I know this isn't due to quarantine because he would still sleep at least 8 hours if I was staying over and we were still working. This has been the most energizing, healthy, and loving relationship the both of us have ever been in. It makes my heart so warm to know that he can sleep soundly knowing that my presence makes it easier.

This is so beautiful! Stuff like this makes me want to cry of happiness for a complete stranger youre so lucky to have each other !

Aww how sweet! May your relationship continue to flourish 🙂

People like you and relationships like yours are one of the reasons people still believe in love and think its the best medicine.