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My (24f) husband (31m) donated food to a drive-by potluck for first responders. He took credit for “inventing” my recipe and I’m so hurt, am I being unreasonable?

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So like the title says, our local hospital set up a drive by pot luck for its nurses and ER doctors. My husband asked if he could make my vodka past recipe and I said that would be fine. I guess he included a card with his name on it and l guess “his” dish was a huge hit. The hospital has like an internal news/blog page and the editor set up a zoom meeting to feature my husband as an example of how generous the community was.

So I was pretty happy for him so I wanted to listen in and during the interview he started saying that he had come up with the recipe while he was a staving college student with inspiration from his grandmother who had lived through the “poverty of the mezzogiorno” (I had to look that up) and was an example of how poor people do amazing things during times of crisis. I was like what in the fuck, I got that recipe from watching Emeril's show with a couple of personalization's. My husbands grandparents were from Wyoming and as far as I know don't have a drop of Italian blood.

When he got done with the interview I asked him what the hell was going on. He said that his story was just more “interesting” than saying “it's my wife's.” I told him it would be nice to get maybe a little credit in helping too. He told me “you didn't get up off your ass to help, why should you get credit?” I was floored…he was furloughed from work and I'm working my ass off to keep us afloat. I would love to make food for charity but I'm busy 14 hours a day trying to work from home.

I'm so hurt by all of this. I can't stand to see him right now. He keeps texting me that I'm being unreasonable. Am I?

Does your husband have a history of lying about things? Have you caught him in lies before?

Not unreasonable at all. You husband is a jackass. Not just for the recipe. But accusing you of sitting in your ass and doing nothing. That’s what would bother me more I think. The credit for the recipe part would bother me too. My wife is a fantastic cook and I am always bragging about the things she makes. I’m proud of how good of a cook she is and I’m always sharing her recipes.

The fact that he was able to make up such an elaborate lie on the fly is what would scare me.

Well, you married a jerk.

You’re not being unreasonable. That’s a dick move he used to make himself feel important. Are there other examples of behavior like this? It sounds like he has a selfish personality and needs attention.

It would have been such a simple thing to include you and make that a great feel-good moment.