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My (30/m) fiancé can’t get past how many people I’ve (29/f) has sex the with

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My fiancé (30M) can't get over my (29F) past partners.
It is 4 people. 5 including him.
We have been together 10 years and have a child together.
I am the only person he has ever been with, so maybe that's why?
I'm feeling shamed by him. He is saying that I'm just running through dicks, I have high mileage, he should have ran a carfax before even dating me.
I have friends that have had 50+ partners. 5 seems low to me?
Is he overreacting? Should I be ashamed of myself?
Help. I don't know where to go from here.

Edit: I’m quite overwhelmed by all the comments. I did not expect it. Thanks to everyone for the support/advice. I’m going to get all my ducks in a row so I can move on with my life. This really has opened my eyes. I will update you all on what happens from here!!

As a guy, he’s being ridiculous. 5???? At 29???? Running through dicks lmaooo my man never stepped foot on a college campus I guess

My theory is he wants to call off the engagement or at the very least postpone the wedding and he’s using this as an excuse. He knew when he met you that you had a past. You’ve been together ten years and you have a child together. If this was really something he couldn’t get over, he should have been out a long time ago. Don’t allow him to shame you because he’s having doubts about a possible future with you.

Why would you marry a man who acts like this?

Does he view your daughter as an object that he’ll have to carfax for future men? It’s disgusting

How can you talk to the mother of your child like they’re subhuman? Don’t marry him

Why are you dating someone who talks to you so poorly? This is horrible.

Why are you with this loser? You really want your child to grow up hearing this? Have some self respect ffs.

4 is low. He’s being a baby. I bet he has a crush on someone and is using this as a reason to do something he shouldn’t

8 is the average in a life time. Girl you’re fine. He’s just being insecure and I bet if the tables were turned he would think he’s a stud