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My (30f) boyfriend (37m) of 7 years shaves specifically for grocery shopping and it gives me the ick because it’s full of pretty, and underage camp kids.

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My (30f) boyfriend (37m) of 7 years has been shaving diligently the night before going grocery shopping ever since the camp kids came into town. The store is usually empty but when it's the summertime, the camp kids swarm it. They look about 13-17 years old, definitely still in highschool. The counselors aren't that old either, they look the same age as the kids.

They all get dressed up in very revealing outfits and put on a ton of makeup, as I would have done if I was “going out” as a young teen. I'm not shaming these girls at all, I went through my teen phase of always wearing a full face of make up and revealing outfits too.

He always used to stare at them in an inappropriate way and it made me uncomfortable. Like mouth open, triple takes at them. I've called him out on it a few times and he got incredibly pissed and said he “wasn't checking anyone out” (he obviously was though- he doesn't do it discretely)

He has been shaving diligently before he goes shopping, I had a feeling it was “for” the camp kids, but this week school started back up and he didn't shave this week.

It really gives me the ick when I think about it too hard, but he rarely shaves on a weekly basis so it stood out to me as something out of the ordinary and sure enough, now that these kids are back in school he isn't shaving before going to the store anymore.

Overall our relationship is declining pretty fast these days so I'm not sure if I'm being unreasonable with this feeling or not.

Would you feel grossed out if your boyfriend who doesn't usually diligently shave weekly, started shaving to go to the grocery store where it's full of underage girls? And then stopped once they went back to school?

Just looking for others perspectives on the topic because out of context it sounds pretty insecure of me, but knowing he likes checking them out, and then like clockwork he stops making sure he's groomed when they go back to school, is really making me feel a bit insecure and grossed out and like he was doing it for them.

If you genuinely believe your boyfriend’s into underage kids, I don’t know why you’re still with him at all, much less hung up on his shaving habits.

It is not normal behavior for a 37 year old guy to spruce up for children.

Sounds like someone who’s hard drive needs checking…

What the actual fuck.

>He always used to stare at them in an inappropriate way and it made me uncomfortable. Like mouth open, triple takes at them.

I don’t care what he says. He has shown you that he is absolutely into them. I would have ended it them moment he opened his mouth and stared at them.

Is it possible he heard young girls fall for groomers and he totally misunderstood the meaning?

Why are you still with someone who you caught checking out kids? Like seriously how is this even a question?

In the slim chance this is not a troll.

Trust your gut. Get away, break up. If you can, sweep his devices for CP. If not, talk about your concerns with the police

You said he’s “always” checked out these young teenagers, you say “knowing he likes checking them out,” as if that’s fucking normal or ok with you…what do you want us to say? You know he’s a creep and you’ve tolerated it for so long but it’s only an issue now because he’s shaving? Fucking gross.