Relazioni e amore

My (45F) partner (37F) threw out my stuffed animal. Am I overreacting?

Not over reacting. She doesn’t get to decide how you mourn or when it ends.

No you are NOT. I love my stuffies and no one understands it. Anything that is dear to you is dear to you and should be treated as such. Your feelings are valid.
Edit: just wanted to also say im so sorry for the pain youre going through and you can always message me if you need to talk or just have someone listen with no judgement. Much love.

A lot of times this sub seems to jump to advising a breakup over every little thing. This is not one of those times. What she did goes beyond insensitive. It was heartless and cruel. This is not a little “oops” moment. It shows her true character. OP, I really Home you’re able to get your stuffed cow back and ditch the other cow.