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My bf is angry that I dyed my hair

SuperBeeboo ci racconta la sua esperienza amorosa:

My bf told me he loves brunettes and 99% of all of his girlfriends have been brunettes. For my birthday I dyed my hair platinum blonde and everyone loved it except for him. I was telling him for months I wanted to, but he always said “no don’t do it” Or “you’re not allowed to”. Well I did it the day before my birthday and when he came to pick me up he got so angry.

He says I’m less attractive because of it and suggests I should dye it back to brown.

I don’t know what to do…I don’t want him to not find me attractive, but I paid so much and I love my hair.

If you like it, that’s all that matters. He can certainly have a preference, but he can’t tell you that you’re not allowed to dye your own hair.

Dump his ass

Preferences are fine. Him expressing an opinion is overall okay.

Telling you he forbids you? Insulting you, thenbadgering you to dye it back? Not okay.

If you like it, keep it.

Also, sounds like you seriously need to have a talk with him about boundaries and respect before you get fed up or he oversteps again and becomes an ex.

> I don’t want him to not find me attractive

This confuses me. He CLEARLY stated he likes the other color better, he even asked you not to change it. It is your right 100% to change your color but why did you expect he would like it as well when he was very open about not liking your idea. Did you expect his opinion to magically change?

My advice? Learn to live by your own decisions and do not allow to be swayed by other peoples opinions. You can chose to be a people pleaser or to be independent but it is impossible to be both. If you chose your color that you like but your boyfriend hates than rock it. You chose it now wear it with pride.

Your boyfriend is shitty. You are the same person regardless of your hair color. If he is that shallow that he now finds you unattractive, I say dump him and find someone that cares more about you as a person.