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My boyfriend and I aren’t sure how to split expenses if we move in together

The way me and my partner have planned it is because he will make more than me, we split main bills such as rent, council tax, water (depending on how its done, gas and electric) based on proportionate income and for things such as gas and electric, it’s basically what’s more important to who, so I value gas more (I love scorching baths and a cozy room) so I’d pay more towards gas, he plays games a lot so he would pay more to electric. Then it’s 10% of each income that then goes into a joint emergency savings account. We would have a joint account for shared bills but keep personal accounts for literally anything else. Idk if this helps.

We split bills proportionately. He makes twice what I do, and I have debt, so if we split stuff in half, I’d be struggling and he’d be fine. It wouldn’t be fair and that’s not how we view our relationship.

Since he makes 66% of the household income, he pays 66% of rent and bills. Individual bills (like phones) are kept separate. We pay for food almost 50/50.

I’m in this situation pretty much.

My boyfriend moved into my apartment. I could already afford the place on my own before he came here, so splitting it 50/50 didn’t seem fair. I told him to pay me the same rent he was paying at his old place and that’s been working fine. The only bill that increased since his arrival is groceries, and the extra money he pays covers that entirely and more.

I think your financial arrangement should be based off what you guys feel comfortable with. My boyfriend makes 4x more than my salary. I couldn’t pay 50% of our bills unless I found a higher paying job but he prefers for me to stay at my current job (with a flexible schedule and flight benefits :). We split our bill this way: I pay the car note, insurance and the utilities; my bf pays the lease, gas and food expenses. It works for us and we had this formula since we moved in together. We never debate about who is paying because we made this agreement from the beginning. We moved to a city with a high cost of living for his job. I don’t make a livable wage for our location so it makes more sense for my bf to take on the bulk of our expenses. If you guys can both go 50/50 comfortably on both your salaries without one person struggling then go for it. A 50/50 agreement might make your bf feel more secure. This will give you the opportunity to save money and who knows maybe you will be able to make the down payment on a house one day. I think it’s just best to have a mutual agreement on all shared expenses so there is no resentment.