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My boyfriend doesn’t want to speak to me while I’m on my period

I also have PMDD & my body is not doing me a favor when I don’t get my period every month like I should. Therefore it sometimes happens that I am in pms mood longer than I should, which turns me into a little monster sometimes.

Like you, I get extremely moody & often even bitchy towards everyone (boyfriend included).He tries to be supportive & understanding as much as possible, but he is only human as well. Taking him down the spiral each time with me is not really fair. So what helps is that I keep my distance to him during that time. We still talk, but not as much as usual. & we do things when I’m having better moods again. I think this would be a good solution for your situation, too.

I have PMDD and I’m insane for 2 weeks before my peroid.

My S/O knows during that week, if I’m yelling or crying or wanting to eat everything in sight that everything that happens is to be ignored.

I understand your bf wanting some space during that time and I understand that makes you feel isolated. Maybe you can come to a compromise…once a day you each send a positive text message so you each other you’re thinking about each other without it becoming a conversation where either of you feel upset.

Stop projecting your experience onto OP. She has said nothing about cussing him out, and no one has even suggested it to her. We don’t know anything other than that she becomes a crying mess. What are you trying to argue here? Do you even know?? You’re very overwrought over your own experience and I’m sorry you had to go through that. But I’ll repeat what I said: if he wants to be with her for the long haul, then he will suck it up and be supportive. Because that is what couples do. If he’s going to get so overwrought that he starts making up arguments between other people, she needs to decided if this is the relationship for her.