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My boyfriend is upset with me for not wanting to do anal

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I've [23F] tried it before, but not with him [24M]. It's just not something I'm into. I've tried it once and I never wanna try it again. It's a one way traffic zone for me down there, and now he's rolled over on the other side of the bed because “I let someone else do it, and not him”. Which sounds very manipulative in my opinion. Lol I dont know, the situation is funny to me, but he's so booty hurt about it. (See what I did there?) Am I overreacting? Is he being too dramatic? I feel like if he really cared, he would respect my wishes and not pester me about it all the time.

Tell him its uncomfortable and not enjoyable for you. If he still can’t grasp that maybe offer to let him see how it feels…

He should respect your wishes for sure.

You are not overreacting. If you don’t feel comfortable doing something sexually, you should never feel pressured into doing it. The fact that you’ve done it in the past doesn’t give anyone a licence to demand that you do it in the future.

What an immature bf. There will be things he wont experience with you and vice versa but its life and he has to understand what you want and your needs. Maybe after all this he will calm down and know that you were in the right.

Thank you guys! trust me I’ve tried everything! YES even said If I let him do me if he lets me do him and he was not having it lol. It’s been about an hour and he’s over it…for now.

You’re dating a baby.