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My (F14) father (45) paid to get someone to look into my phone’s snapchat and then went through my entire phone that I paid for. How much Privacy should I be allowed to have?

I am torn between every teenager deserves some form of privacy and remembering how messed up my teenage years were. This is one of those things I just wanna say “if you raised them right you can trust them”.

You’re only 14 years old. Your online activity should absolutely be monitored. I don’t necessarily agree with reading every text message. But you made up a story about being molested. Wtf is that?

Clearly you gave your dad some signals that you need to be monitored. Therefore he did. And look what he found! Seems like he was justified in his actions.

Also he didn’t pay someone to get your password to your phone. He surely just installed a key logging app on it. Which tells him all the stuff you type into the phone.

In today’s world I would not want a child of mine to be without the means to call for help. Also, did dad do anything to creepy brother or was that just swept under the “boys will be boys ” rug?