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My [F19] boyfriend [M23] is an active 4chan member and created a rating scale for women

lilc18 ci racconta la sua esperienza amorosa:

I know 4chan is full of stuff you can't take too seriously, but I just found this rating scale on his computer which was created by him.

This is what he does with his free time?!?!?

Rather than worrying if you’re attractive to him maybe you should be worrying about your boyfriends weird hobbies and if you should continue to date him. Have some self respect

He sounds gross and immature. I’ve only met one group of guys that do that and my bf is annoyed when they try to rate women and I and my bf have just stopped being friends with them because it’s so annoying. I doubt he’s a 10 in their eyes! I’m surprised he has a gf! I would think about wether you want to be with a guy who views women in this way wether or not you are a 10 or a 2 on his sad scale.

It’s not even really a 4chan thing. Look at subreddits like r/truerateme for example. They unironically believe shit like this and this and will ban you if you don’t rate people accordingly. Some people are just fucking weird, OP.