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My parents keep opening my mail. Their justification is I live with them and pay my tuition, therefore they get to open my mail. I asked them not to open it and they said I’m selfish.

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I'm in college/uni and I'm back home right now. I receive mail like paychecks or things I order. Sometimes some other miscellaneous stuff like ads or who knows what. My parents regularly check the mail, bring everything back, and just open everything. When I asked if they could just let me open my mail since I'd like to and it's my right, they said “it doesn't matter anyway, we're a family, and I pay your tuition. So you shouldn't be so selfish and stupid to care about this.” How do I navigate around this issue? My only avenue is trying to get to the mailbox before them.


Currently living at home, parents refuse to stop opening my mail.

EDIT: I do not currently have access to a vehicle. For a variety of factors involving parents being unable to teach me and no money to spend on driving lessons (they're pretty expensive!), I cannot drive. Even if I could drive I would have no vehicle access regardless.

EDIT: Biking to the Post Office *mightbe feasible but the safest way is 5 miles uphill on narrow, winding roads that are dangerous for cars and bikes.

Looks like it time to send yourself a glitter bomb.

Have the post office hold your mail and you can pick it up yourself.

Sign up for electronic/paperless options for everything that you can, and if/when you have access to a vehicle I’d definitely have it stopped at the post office or get a PO Box. Alternatively, when my nana did the same thing I changed my address to a friends house (with their permission of course!) and they either dropped it off or I would pick it up when I could. They let me know when I got important looking stuff, too. If you’re friendly with a neighbor this could be an option?

Edit: when my nana and I had this problem, I couldn’t talk her around to my point of view. So no good advice to give for that, unfortunately. Go through usps and sign up for their free service that lets you see what’s coming in the mail for you, though. It gives you a heads up so that you’ll at least know which days you need to race for the mail box. I can’t remember what the service is called…..I’ll edit again after I look it up lol

Edit2: it’s called the informed daily delivery digest!

well maybe start with telling them it’s a federal offense to open anyone’s mail if not addressed to you

Ah, the old “You’re selfish because you want your own things to yourself” bullshit.

Can you check the mail before they get to it or have it sent anywhere else?