Relazioni e amore

My(24M) fiancée(21F) cheated and I’m trying to find the best way for us to move forward.

I’m always puzzled when someone who has been cheated on even considers staying in a relationship with a person who has proved they are a cheater. Drunk? They always have some excuse and will have another one the next time.

There’s no trust to rebuild. She slept with two different dudes back to back while she was drunk. She didn’t learn anything from the first one, she won’t from the second. Prepare for this to happen again and again if you stay, because she will likely never respect you.

Look you’re ganna deploy again (that’s the military life). If you’re saying you can move pass this, and not hold this against her down the road…. good for you try to work it out.

But let’s point out a few things here…

How many guys/girls went on this trip? Why couldn’t she have slept with another girl? Why didnt she just sleep on the couch to begin with?

Her being drunk doesnt excuse her for what she did not just once but twice! The fact that she woke up the next day realized what she did and then turned around and did it again… Bet you she wasnt thinking about you then my friend.

Look please keep me updated with this. I feel for you man, I will say this though if you do forgive her (have her get STD checked and pregnancy test). Get a prenup, with you being in the military and decide to get marry and god forbid she doesnt hold up and cheats again alot of your benefits will be cut in half if not more.