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My(24M) fiancée(21F) cheated and I’m trying to find the best way for us to move forward.

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My fiancée went camping for a week with a group of friends. When she got back she told me that after they got there she learned there were only 3 beds in the cabin for 6 people and she shared a bed with one of the guys who was there. The first couple nights they stayed on their own side. Then one night they were all really drunk and she said that they played truth or dare which turned to making out with different people, which left her turned on and when they went to bed she cheated on me. The next night she said she was going to just sleep on the couch and was drunk again and stuff happened again with another guy who was there.

I should say that she told me willingly and with much remorse when she could’ve easily hid it from me. Also I am currently on active duty and we’ve been long distance since November and will be until September.

We’ve been together a long time and neither of us want to end the relationship, but how can I rebuild trust with her after something like this? Any advice I’d appreciated.

Idk man i get the first time but twice in the same weekend??? What’s going to happen if you get deployed again and she inevitably gets turned on by something? This is a red flag. But to each his own if you want to keep the relationship going then talk it out and tell her she needs to regain your trust because it’s been so badly violated and honestly if she does it again bro leave her there’s a lot of nice girls that love a man in uniform. Stay up bro.

Listen I’m usually not quick to say that someone should end a relationship but I think it’s time you break up with her. I mean she cheated on you more than once. I don’t think she has a good consideration of your feelings. I’m sorry I know it’s hard

Leave. Pretty easy. If you stay, you’ll have to live with the fear of her cheating again.

You can’t.

She cheated twice, with more than one guy and only feels remorseful because now she might have to face the consequences for cheating – she isn’t at all sorry for doing it. If she was, she wouldn’t have done it a second time.

If you stay with her, she will cheat again. Probably multiple times. Don’t be a military stereotype who gets cheated on every deployment but still stays with their partner; have the self-respect to kick her to the curb and find a partner who won’t fuck around with multiple people.

She’s gonna cheat again