Relazioni e amore

My(29f) boyfriend(28m) thinks I’m annoying for complaining about being around pedofiles in his family.

If his family normalizes this behavior, he believes it’s normal. You don’t have the power to change that in him. This is a problem that needs professional-level help. Don’t feel guilty if you don’t feel equipped to handle it. The enormity of this multi-generational issue is so far beyond just you.

It’s okay to break up with him. I think you’ll be better for it, I think your future children will be safer for it, I think you’ll be much less stressed out. It’s not your job to try to convince your BF how fucked this all is and I dont think it’s worth trying to seperate him from his family in order to try to build a life with him. If he had half the conviction you have about this, he would have suggested cutting off his family a long time ago.

Pop a hello to the police if it’s worth going to them about and then get as far away from that family as possible