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My[29f] husband[28m] was raped by his boss and is convinced it was his fault and that he “cheated” on me. He won’t go to therapy

OP what is the gender of the boss who assaulted him?

Wanting a divorce is very extreme. Especially when you have told him it’s not necessary and you dont blame him.

Tell him you want to call the police, also tell him if the boss has higher ups you want to go to them. He if wont go to therapy you guys can do something about his work environment.

I believe your husband because many men are raped and they receive no help but I have a feeling something more is going on here.

There are a few different ways to help/handle the assault against your husband:

  1. Contact the police-A major crime happened to your husband.
  2. Get information about sexual assualts against males, google, local rape shelter, etc. Maybe seeing that males can be raped and that it’s a crime will help.
  3. Counseling, both of you .

I think your husband may feel conflicted/awful/responsible because he may have orgasmed or had some feelings of pleasure during the assault. This does not mean he’s gay, it just means that he’s a human being, your body doesn’t always reacts the way you want it to, but reacts to the stimulation, whether it be sexual or illness (i.e. vomiting, diarrhea, etc).

Good luck.

r/MensLib should be helpful….