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myself (16f) and sisters (17f and 14f)ran away from abusive home life. What do we do now to survive?

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I'm sorry this is lobg rambling and disjointed but I have to get this out hopefully someone will actually take the time to read my post.

I(16f) and my sisters (17f and 14f) ran away from home to escape our abusive mom and stepdad now what do we do?

We are all terrified of our mom and stepdad they've done horrible things to us. I know its not the adult thing to do but we couldn't take it anymore and I was afraid my stepdad was turning his sexual interests towards my baby sister. The same way he had done to my older sister and then me when we turned 14. Shes not strong like we are, so my older sister and I made a plan and we ran away a week ago. I know what youre thinking why didnt you tell your mom? Because my older sister and I have and she would call us liars saying we were jealous of her relationship.

Our mom is mentally ill she has been for the entirety of our lives. She tried to drown us when we were little and claims it never happened. She made me stand in the corner once for 12 hours straight not letting me go to the bathroom even when I pissed myself. Once I locked myseLf in the bathroom accidentally as a kid and she hit me so hard she bruised my rib cage after they got it unlocked. She got mad at my older sister for standing between her and my younger sister to keep her from “punishing” her that she bloodied her lip and nose for it. She says she has BPD but she never takes the medications they give her because she claims they are trying to poison her. And our stepdad well I don't think I need to go into what he does but according to him, anal isn't sex because he didn't take our virginity and blow jobs don't count.

We are homeschooled and have been our entire lives, not that our mom actually teaches us she just sticks us in front of the computer. So there was no escaping them there. I and my older sister work but they essentially took our whole paychecks. But six months ago we started lying saying we had a pay cut and opened up a secret account when we decided we needed to leave. There's not a lot but we found a cash-only type establishment that didn't ask for any IDs and don't ask questions, so we have a roof over our heads and the bare minimum for food.

Where do we go from here? What do we do? How do we stay safe? My sister is going to be 18 soon so she thinks she can be our little sister's legal guardian and I can get emancipated. How do we do that or get help? We WILL NOT go back, we can't. I'm not overexaggerating by saying I would rather die than go back there ever. Please any advice you have would be greatly appreciated.

TL:DR myself (16f) and sisters (17f and 14f)ran away from abusive home life. What do we do now to survive?

Go to your nearest youth social services organization. Like a teen home. They’ll get the ball rolling and keep you safe.

I was in almost exactly this situation a year and a half ago. The first thing to do is absolutely find shelter and go to the police. Try a domestic abuse hotline in your area and find a shelter to sleep at. Try your best to stay close to your sisters; they are the only ones who share your experience and I can’t put into the words the things that that bond can do. And also, you said it wasn’t the grown up thing to do but you couldn’t be more mistaken. It is the most adult decision you could have made. I know how scary and overwhelming it seems now but I promise things will get better. I am so sorry. Good luck to you.

Can we get u/Ebbie45 in here? This is lightyears beyond MassimoL’s paygrade.

Go to the police.. call the department of child services too.

Well you should definitely call the cops on both of them about how they’ve both been abusing you guys and if possible, try reaching out for help from friends in case you feel like asking relatives for help would just bring you back to your parents. I’m sorry if you really care about your mom but her behavior is way too dangerous and she needs to get help. Your step father though, he needs to be arrested because that is just terrible that he’s done that to you guys.