Relazioni e amore

New to physical affection

God, this is so sweet and wholesome it almost made me cry. But of course, like everyone has said, this is perfectly normal, especially if you haven’t received physical affection in a while/weren’t raised with it. It’s good that you didn’t end up being extremely averse to physical affection (I have a friend who grew up not getting a lot of physical affection, and they ended up really hating it even from close friends/partners. Obviously, without an understanding partner, that messed with a lot of their relationships).

Wanting physical affection and asking for it is also 100% okay! I randomly really need a hug sometimes, even though I’m not the biggest fan of physical affection most of the time. I’ll tell a close friend/family member I need a hug, and they’re always very willing to oblige. Being held tightly is very calming, and usually it’s when I feel stressed or down that I feel the need for it. So don’t be shy asking your gf for a hug. I’m sure she’ll be happy to, and showing some vulnerability is important in a relationship, after all.

Hey we all want to feel loved. Doesn’t matter if you’re a guy or girl, some things are universal. Assuming you’re a guy then yeah it might happen that you’d tear up, sometimes we go so long with the simple acts of affection that its shocking when we get some love. I’m really happy for you!

Wait You guys are getting physical affection