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Should I [30F] tell my brother [34M] that he’s gone viral? His ex-wife [30F] published a popular article about how shitty he is.

This seems outrageously far fetched.
Is your brother a British prince or something?
How would Google even know to recommend some clickbait obscure article about people in another state?

>I don’t wanna link it, as it uses real names

Is Jim’s full name listed in the article? How easily could one deduce that the brother you personally know as Jim is the same person that this author, Eve, is speaking about? I’m not a lawyer, but depending on the nature of her writing, it may be slander, if her statements are both specific and falsifiable. Talk to a lawyer.

But regardless of the legalities, if your understanding of the popularity of the article and Jim’s social media network suggests that either he, a friend, or a professional colleague could get a hold of this article and its contents, you should warn him. This could allow him advance notice of knowing about the article before someone whose opinion he cares about finds out. He can then be prepared for any questions, concerns, or backlash he gets.

But if you think it’s not popular enough for that situation to happen… then it’s up to you.

Tell your brother, dont let him be blindsided. And call eve and tell her to tell the truth about your brother on that site or you will tell how she cheated and now is trying to make herself look good to others. Good luck stay safe

If this were my sister, I would tell her. I’d break it as gently as I could, but I’d absolutely tell her. Viral stories blow over as points of interest fairly quickly, but that doesn’t mean the content is gone.

Tell him. Gently. Be prepared to help him work through it. Otherwise, it’s a ticking time bomb. The internet is forever. He’s going to find it at some point.

Good luck. Xoxo

What possible good can come from telling him?