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UPDATE: My (26F) boyfriend (35m) choked me until I passed out during sex, waited until he “finished” to check on me.

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Before I get into anything, I am safe, and I am okay and recovering.

Thank you to everyone that commented and reached out to me. Your advice and words of wisdom meant so much to me. Well, everyone but the guy that messaged me to tell me that “guys won't like me” if I tell them why I broke up with my now ex-boyfriend.

I can't go into a lot of details, but the clinic I went to sent me to the hospital, where I had a full work up done, and met with a DV advocate and police officers. The scale of injuries were severe enough that I was granted an immediate order of protection.

This was the last text message I got from him before I changed my number. I have a feeling that many posters were correct, that this was the test to see how far he could go.

All of my big things are in storage at my parent's house, and I've been rotating between a couple different friend's houses the past couple of nights. I have plans to move in with my sister a couple cities over, so I will be as far away from him as possible. My advocate set up an appointment with a therapist, and I met with her this morning.

I'm not sleeping much still, but I am surrounded by good people that will help me get through this.

Thank you MassimoL. The clarity you all gave me probably saved my life.

Don’t listen to that bullshit text he sent. Who is he commenting about your life when he was totally close to end yours. It’s truly good that you made the right decision by leaving him. Wish you best of luck for future

hugs Glad you’re ok.

Edit: going to be ok. REALLY glad you’ve got a support system.

I read your other posts and I’m so glad you got out safely! He’s an absolute monster. Wishing you all the best!

Bruh this man is a PSYCHO

Lmaoo you won’t last six months WITH him since he would’ve choked you to death ? go spite him by living your new life awesomely!!!