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UPDATE: My [32/M] ex-girlfriend [30/F] keeps trying to contact me

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I still have some doubts and reservations about what transpired but that's for me to deal with.

TLDR; Submitted for the restraining order, which was granted yesterday.


Per 99% of you, I went to the police to inquire about a restraining order. I learned because of COVID, the process is to leave a message for the restraining order people and await a call back. In the meantime, the officer offered to call her and make it clear I want no contact. The cop called back after they spoke, and I was told she got the message loud and clear. She then drove by my house the next morning and emailed me from a new email around noon saying among others things, she's done contacting me.


I got the call from the restraining order advocates about a week later, told my story, and filed per her suggestion. After we applied, it took less than an hour for the request to be approved, and the court date was set 7 days later. I went with my Dad for support and was hoping she wouldn't show up, but she did. As you'd expect, it was very formal, but the highlights are her admitting everything I said she did was true, explaining what she hoped to accomplish by holding my car door open, and having to explain in detail the catfshing process. Her defense boiled down to her emotional state during the last two years, and that I'm an asshole who didn't give her closure. In the end, it was a good thing she came, because she kind of dug her own grave.


The commissioner made his decision pretty quickly and explained his reasoning. Most of the events looked at individually aren't terribly egregious, but clearly show a pattern and he sees no sign of it stopping; Especially given what she did after a cop called and told her to stop. He told her I am under no obligation to provide closure even though it might not be nice; It's been two years. He commented the catfishing was a pretty dire breach of intimacy/privacy, and he thought I'd shown a lot of restraint, which was nice to her.


He granted a 6-month restraining order after she expressed concern of how it would affect her nursing career, which I am fine with. This is a shield for me, not a sword. He further explained that if she continues the behavior after the 6 months, the next order will be for 4+ years basically no questions asked.


All in all, it seems pretty uneventful. The hearing made me very anxious, but was a good experience; I'm glad I did it. I still worry she'll do something like attempt suicide as a weird move, but that's out of my control. It's weird to still care about someone as a person and also want nothing to do with them. Care is probably too strong a word. I don't wish her any ill will; We weren't compatible; Just leave me alone.


So…….. I'm now taking girlfriend applications and have listed my qualities below from 'How is he still single' to 'Oh, that's why he's single'.


1) I have no sense of smell. Fart all you want! I can't tell!

2) I have a large bladder. This is important for theme parks.

3) I don't drink. You always have a DD

4) I might not always be emotionally available, but my dogs are


This is a joke, but am also lonely and I don't know how to meet people. I'm in Milwaukee.

I’m glad you went through with getting the order; hopefully it will help both of you – by giving you the peace your want and (I hope) giving her the wakeup call she evidently needed – and that now you’re finally free.

Please make sure that you carry a copy of this order with you at all times. Also make sure any other place you’re at regularly (work) has a copy. Be sure to let friends know – passing messages through friends counts as contact, too.

And kudos for maintaining a sense of humor about this, BUT, take this seriously. Oftentimes getting a protective order will actually trigger violence.

I love people who have no sense of small.

“You want a drink? Here’s a small thing of milk” hands over gallon milk jug.

“You want to go out? Let’s take my car, it goes fast.” pulls out matchbox race car.

Good on you man. Proud of you ?

I just wanted to say……you have the cutest dog ever. I recently lost my cat of 10 years…knowing there will be no one excited to see me when I get home from work is devastating. So Thankyou for sharing your doggy!
Congrats on the restraining order! Now go live life! 🙂