Desideri e conseguenze

Desiderio: I wish for a cat toy for my cat he has been super bored and I miss him being wholesome and going frisky :(

Granted. Your neighbor’s cat starts looking bored.

Just go buy one why waste a wish

Granted. At first nothing happens. No replies, no nothing. By the end of the day, there’s no notifications other than YouTube posts from your subscribed channels. You are distraught, and decide to go to sleep. Your cat comes into your room just as you throw the covers over yourself. They decide to lay on your chest, not allowing you to leave. You fall asleep within a few minutes, as your cat’s purring slowly puts you to sleep. You have no dreams, but feel like something’s wrong. During the night, the user u/maxluigi256 fins your post while in a state of insomnia. Not knowing the dire consequences, he writes a detailed post of what happens. When you wake up, you still hear your cat’s purring. As you try to get up, you realize you don’t feel your car on you. You are terrified to see that you are 8 inches in height. Luckily, you can make it to our phone because of the exercises you’ve been doing over quarantine. You tap the screen, and are horrified to see that I commented. You read it. Suddenly, another comment appears. Another user had added to your curse. Your heart sinks as you see what is says. “Your cat sees you as a toy”. As you finish reading it, your cat wakes up.