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Why is it bad to be playing video games, watching videos, etc. for extended periods of time, but it’s fine to be online if we’re doing work?

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Questa volta abbiamo cercato: Why is it bad to be playing video games, watching videos, etc. for extended periods of time, but it’s fine to be online if we’re doing work?

I've been spending hours online doing schoolwork, no one seems to care. Now I'm on screens for fun, and people keep saying that I shouldn't be playing games for so long. So, it's fine if we're doing work, but not for fun? Also, screens seem to be the modern form of entertainment. There wasn't a time limit to having fun with legos, but nowadays, there is a time limit for having fun online?

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Screens cause eye strain and sitting for long periods isn’t great for you physically. Whether you’re working or gaming you should get up and move every 45 minutes or so, get some water, and so on.

That’s just boomers saying boomer things.

As long as you are able to keep your life together and don’t hurt anyone, spend your time as you see fit. About everything you could do in your free time kills you in some way anyways.

Don’t pay attention to them. The same people spend their whole evenings mindlessly watching TV, it’s no different. Worse if you think about it, as gaming can be a very engaging activity.

When it comes down to it, you’re free to use your free time however you want, as long as you can hunker down and get things done when you need to.

Its the idea of mindless time wasting. When doing work, theres no choice, you HAVE to be online. Plus youre making money, developing a project, or at least doing something productive.

When you’re just online, youre there for mindless entertainment which can cause issues if done for too long. Besides eyestrain, usually people who spend too long online are out of shape or overweight and don’t have anything to regularly stimulate the brain/body.

That’s the sterotype at least.

You are making a false equivalency in your question by presuming that one sort of activity is the same as the other simply because a screen is involved. You are focusing in on the detail of a screen being involved to sidestep whatever real issues could be caused.

The truth is that any sort of intense focus for too long at the same distance, such as reading a book or looking through a microscope, is an activity that one should take periodic rest breaks from to rest their eyes.

Activities that we enjoy doing such as reading or playing a game do a much better job of focusing attention, and so are far more likely to have stretching the limitations. It’s doubtful that you or anyone else focuses as intensely and for a similar duration to working online as they do to playing online. The issue is really the duration and intensity, not that a screen is involved. People tell you not to stare too long at games precisely because they don’t have a need to tell you not to focus so much on a work activity that you likely are already taking short breaks from constantly to goof off, use the restroom, check your phone, or whatever.