Desideri e conseguenze

Desiderio: I wish r/unpopularopinions wasn’t just a circlejerk of popular opinions

Granted, it now becomes an alt-right subreddit where all the posts are “White people can say the hard-r nword” and “Women and minorities shouldn’t vote.”

Eventually they all have an idea. The private the sub and ban anyone they suspect of not being one of them. They converse, each post a post of not unpopular opinions, but of preparation. They start mass shipping weapons to each other, body armour, explosives even. Whatever they can get their hands on legally or alternatively, whatever they can get away with. On June 11th they strike, all over the world. World leaders all over are killed or captured, mass shootings in religious places, gay country clubs and racial ghettos.

But these aren’t just scattered attacks, these are focused. The world is uneasy, and caught completely off guard. No one expected something of this caliber. Eventually the r/UnpopularOpinion mods become the leaders of the world, and everything gets plunged into chaos. Anyone who isn’t an atheist, white, straight or cis is killed. They did what the Nazis couldn’t. Any resistance is stamped out before they can gather forces. Occasional graffiti is sprayed around showing rebellion, but you better hope you’re not caught if you’re doing it.

Dear god… what have you done…

r/the10thdentist is more r/unpopularopinion than r/unpopularopinion

Granted. It is now a circlejerk of famous opinions.

Granted. It becomes a haven for racism and bigotry. It starts out with a couple people posting about racial purity and illegal immigration. Eventually as these posts continue to get upvotes people start posting more and more offensive content until the sub is filled with nothing but far-right conspiracy theories and hate speech. It gets so bad that the sub is quarantined and eventually deleted.

Yeah, what the fuck is up with that anyway? Good wish Bro. You still have three wishes.