Desideri e conseguenze

Desiderio: I wish that every time a politician told a lie, they would grow a taste bud in their asshole.

scientifically speaking, there are taste buds from the mouth all the way until the rectum. thankfully, our brains only receive the signals of the ones of the mouth. so, your wish basically heals(?) ruined rectums.

the first link that popped out that I didn’t read:

Granted. The politicians do not stop lying. In fact, they lie so much that they develop a taste for shit so bad that a 100% approved bipartisan law goes into effect that the government will set up and maintain a costly national shit stockpile that costs an unfathomable amount of money. Corporations quickly take notice and begin harvesting and mass producing shit to sell to the politicians on the cheap in exchange for more laws passed in the corporations’ favor.

All products can now legally have shit in them, in unrestricted quantities. Individuals cannot sell shit to other individuals, only corporations. You also can’t throw your shit away to waste processing facilities. You have to save and ship your shit to a corporate-controlled “shit disposal service” that will charge you to sell your shit to the politicians. People working at these shit-producing companies now become legal property of the company and can be treated however the companies want to produce vast quantities of shit that people don’t really want but governments endorse because politicians love the taste of shit so much. Billions are now enslaved by corporations and suffer greatly under a new shitty world run by shitty corporations and shit-eating politicians.

Thank you for reading my shit post.

Granted, now coprophilics rule the world, being even more corrupt than previous governments.

Granted. Politics become a thing of the past as hundreds of thousands of government officials leave their jobs and the world sinks into anarchy. Society as we know it collapses and you and your family are caught in the crossfire.

Granted. Since they shit much more from their mouths, it is their asshole. Politicians are now also some of the best tasters in the world.