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Who Is Your Favorite Comic Book Hero and Why ?

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Questa volta abbiamo cercato: Who Is Your Favorite Comic Book Hero and Why ?
Who Is Your Favorite Comic Book Hero and Why ?

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Spider-man because of his relatability. Hes thrust into his difficult story and a teenager, battles with morality all the time because of how much it affects his other life. He takes a job for a deplorable person who hates him because he has no other real choices.

The kid is a GENIUS and an inventor. He’s basically always depicted as broke as hell as well. Ine of Peter’s biggest challenges is that he has to be a normal person as well as Spider-man which is difficult enough in NYC, juggling work, family, relationships and his personal sense of morality.

A fantastically flawed and well presented character and role model.

Captain Underpants – got my son to read actual books (kinda-sorta).
My hero.

Batman because he’s fucken BATMAN.

Dr Strange hes just so interesting and his powers are so cool. 10/10 would waste my money again

Hawkeye – Clint Barton. In the comics he is very sassy and witty. He is really upstanding. He’s also Deaf in many series. As someone with hearing issues, it’s always made me happy to see a superhero with some of the same issues. He even uses ASL in some series. It’s just really cool representation.